Age Your Money

Just like a fine wine, you want your money to age before you use it. Today, 40% of Americans can’t handle a $400 emergency. That means most of us are just one car repair or hospital visit away from being in debt. One of our favorite tools (and the inspiration for today’s tip) is You Need a Budget or YNAB. This isn’t just another accounting app, but instead is a forward-looking budgeting tool that will help you to age your money, pay off debt, and put more into savings. By setting aside a little money each month, you’ll soon be ready when a surprise bill pops up unexpectantly.

Ever wonder where YDST came from? The tip evolved from the original book written by Dayna: Rock to the Top. Well, now it goes to 11. Check it out for new stories and an afterword by Sammy Hagar.