Answer the Phone

With the influx of robocalls, many of us have become wary of answering the phone. But, our tip today was inspired by a story from Beverley B: You’re never too important to answer the phone. Whether you’re the senior manager, c-level executive, or front desk person, answering the phone lets your customers know you care. This tip reminded of us a business story from 1Password. At the company, everyone handles service emails, even the CEO. Talking to customers is the fastest way to show them you care and to learn problems, which can then be solved to make your business better. #justafan

Bonus tip from Chief Tipster Dayna Steele: Only put on your business card contact information where people can reach you. If you don’t like to make phone calls or don’t check emails often, don’t put it on your business card. It’s as simple as that.