Be Kind in the Sky

We told you our tips for flying the friendly skies and you sent us yours. Here are our favorites:

1. “As I sit at Hobby gate 45 … if you’re in the aisle or middle seat, don’t make the flight attendant reach all the way across to hand a drink to the person in the window. Help.” — RelayLisa
2. “Hmmm, as a flight attendant everyone gets the armrest to the right towards the window, aircraft right, or left if on the left side, aircraft left. The armrest next to the aisle is to be left open unless you want to be injured by being hit with the bar cart, meal cart, flight attendants working, passengers walking to and from the restroom, etc. Too many injuries occur because of body parts protruding past the seat/armrest into the center aisle. Most people know not to use the armrest on the aisle side. Sorry, I know it’s probably not what you want to hear. Happy flying!” — Renee Harrison
3. “If I want to start my flight in the best mood, I give up an aisle seat for the middle. Especially on full flights.” — Lisa Slattery
4. “Keep an eye on passengers who board with stuffed backpacks on their backs. If they turn suddenly, aisle passengers already seated can get whacked in the head. I put a hand up to deflect in the event that happens when I see a backpack.” — Patti Martin

Together, we can all make flying just a little bit better. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tips!

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