Check Credit Cards for RFID

By now, you’ve probably seen purses, wallets, and passport covers with RFID-blocking technology. But, before you invest in these expensive items, there are a few things you should know. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification “uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.” This method of data capture doesn’t need to be within sight-line of the object it collects data from, only nearby. You should also know that the vast majority of credit cards don’t contain an RFID readable chip. (We checked all of ours, only one was enabled.) Before you invest, check your card for the RFID symbol (4 waves, looks similar to the WiFi symbol) or contact your bank to ask. While this type of crime seems easy and scary, it’s also pretty rare. Most digital financial criminals find it easier to simply buy credit card information online than go out into the world with an RFID scanner. Bonus tip: you can save yourself some money by wrapping some foil around your credit card and going on your merry way — it works just as well as an RFID wallet.



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