Create an Emergency Kit

No matter where you live, you should have an emergency kit ready to go. Whether it’s a power outage, water outage, or a natural disaster, you’ll be happy to have some essentials on hand. And, if you already have an emergency kit, make sure to check your supplies each year to make sure they’re not expired. June begins hurricane season and we’re right in the middle of tornado season. As an extension of the list we suggested last week, here are a few other items you might consider for your emergency kit:
– 3 days of water
– Non-perishable food
– Prescription medication
– First aid kit
– Flashlight
– Battery-powered radio
Water Bob: fills the bathtub and stores clean water
– Gas cans and a generator
– Blue rook tarps
– Trash bags
– Paper plates, cups, plastic utensils
– Brooms, gloves
– Manual can opener
– Fresh batteries
– Fans
Small, battery operated lanterns
Uno cards!

What else would you put in your emergency kit?

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