Hotel Safety Tips

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a tip about hotel room safety and, as always, we learned so much more from you. Here are just a few of the hotel safety tips you sent us:

  • “Count the doors from your door to the nearest exit door. In case of a fire with thick smoke, it may be your only way to find the exit/stairway door while crawling on the floor.” — P. Shawn Fredericks
  • “One reminder about door stops and extra locks—these can also keep hotel personnel from entering your room in an emergency, such as if you are sick and need help. Just a consideration to weigh when using those devices.” — Jennifer Cawley
  • “Do a Google and YouTube search of the hotel and surrounding areas beforehand to get a lay of the land before the stay.” — Samuel Alix
  • Check the adjoining room door. “Had someone able to open our door from his side, thrust his hand in at 3 a.m., but couldn’t open the door or grab anything, though he tried!” — Carol Austin Snowden
  • When you’re grabbing drinks from the bar, don’t charge it back to your room, especially if you’re staying alone. Each time you charge something to your room, the staff see your name and room number, making it easy for them to know who is staying there alone and who isn’t.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in their hotel safety tips! Tell us: what are your favorite travel success tips?

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