Meditate Online Together

There’s a new way to meditate: online. Instead of driving to a location for a live class or downloading an app, now you can join a live, virtual meditation class online at Mind Oasis. Simply hop on using Zoom and an experienced teacher will guide you through a (free) 25-minute meditation. Find a comfortable position, pop on headphones, and experience a live, guided meditation — all from the comfort of your home. (Seriously, we love anything that doesn’t require real pants or make-up.) Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being, just ask Dan Harris who wrote 10% Percent Happier and now lectures on corporate wellbeing. Bonus tip: If you’re looking for better meditation options at work, there’s an app that hosts 10-minute, live meditations at 3 pm each day. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

Happy 11 year anniversary to us. YDST was started as a way to share a short bite-sized piece of wisdom each day. That idea came from the original Rock to the Top book. We’ve re-released the book with a few awesome additions — check it out today!