One Dollar Bills Y’All

Hurricane season just started and tornado season is in full swing. Here are a few tips to help you get prepared:

– Get $50 in small denominations. If the power is out, you can still buy supplies with cash, and with small bills, you won’t need change.
– Create an emergency preparedness kit that’s stored in a sealed container and ready to grab if you need to evacuate or take shelter quickly.
Scan your important documents and upload them to the cloud (insurance policies and proof of home and car ownership)
– Backup your electronic devices
– Review your insurance policies
– Protect your home by cutting broken tree limbs and replacing any damaged windows, doors, or siding.
– Practice driving your evacuation route and create a strategy for if you must shelter in place.

Our hearts go out to those who have already experienced storms in the Midwest. If you want to give, here’s the link to the American Red Cross.

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