Plan B For Everything

Technology is cool — we don’t think you should be a luddite, but it’s important that with each new piece of technology you integrate into your life you consider what will happen when it fails. On Sunday, Google’s Cloud went down. While not being able to check email is annoying, the real concern was for users of Google’s Nest products, such as thermostats, smart locks, and cameras. During the outage, users weren’t able to check their security cameras, enter their homes, or adjust the temperature inside their homes. And, users of Google Fi couldn’t make phone calls — among other issues faced by third-party apps. While the outage lasted only 4 hours, it got us thinking — what’s our plan B? We use Nest cameras for home security and Nest thermostats inside. Google controls many aspects of our life and we personally have little to no backup. Time to start working on a plan B.