Reach for the Stars

Astronaut Anne McClain is scheduled to spacewalk again today, something she has planned to do since she was three years old. Anne never listened to anyone who told her the idea was crazy. She did what she had to do to achieve her dream, never listening to the naysayers. Do you have an idea or a dream? Want to change jobs or try something new? The answer will always be no if you do not ask and the result will always be failure if you do not try. Start today.

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take …”  – Anne McClain

BTW: We are part of Anne’s family and friends support group while she is on orbit, sending pictures, words of encouragement, home planet news, and more on a regular basis. Want to help us? Print, make, or create something that says HI ANNE and send us a picture. We will email it to Anne on the International Space Station. She loves these! Send your image to