To Fax Or Not?

Are you still faxing your clients information? Are you still asking your customers to fax you information? Slow to change, some industries and government agencies are still buried deep in fax paper. If you no longer have a landline, you probably do not have a fax machine — or even know how to work one. If you must send a fax to one of these dinosaurs (or receive one), try one of the free fax services available online. You will most likely have an ad on your fax, but really, who cares?

Chief YDST Tipster Dayna will be back Monday after ‘working’ the Melissa Etheridge Cruise on the Norwegian Pearl. Back in the 80s, Melissa gave out Dayna’s private radio control room phone number live on stage. So, returning the practical joke, Dayna gave out Melissa’s home fax number on the air. Melissa returned home that tour to a living room full of fax paper. #funfact