Thank you for rolling with our technical and ‘food service’ difficulties so smoothly.
We are huge fans of your work and hope to have an opportunity for you to speak to our group again in the future.

Texas Association of Life & Health Insurers


Dayna Steele Solo Presentation:


  • Microphone:  Dayna uses her personal Countryman E6OW5T2SL E6 Omnidirectional Earset microphone with a 2-mm cable and will need a Shure, Carvin, JTS or Trantec transmitter. If this is not compatible with your AV system, provide Dayna with a lapel clip-on wireless microphone or a well-fitted headset mic (she is small).
  • Equipment:  Dayna’s presentation consists of photos in a Power Point format with no sound requiring a computer, speakers, screen, and projector. Dayna will bring her own laptop or can provide the presentation to the event organizer on a flash drive. If desired, Dayna may also present with no slides, films, sound, (other than her voice) or any other equipment other than the above-mentioned microphone.
  • Please have a small table or stool with two bottles of water, with the caps loosened, near center stage.
  • Lighting:  Make sure that the stage and the audience are well lit. Dayna prefers to be able to see the audience.
  • Sound Check:  Dayna will arrive to the event room about one hour before the presentation for A/V check if needed or at another pre-arranged time. It is requested that A/V personnel be present for this sound check and during the first five minutes of the presentation to double check that things are working properly. Dayna likes to go out into the audience and move among the participants. This information could be helpful to your sound engineer to prevent feedback from the speakers.
  • Please note: Dayna does not use a podium (she is short, not difficult!)


The Rock Talk Musician Presentation: 


  • All to be determined based on the featured artist.
  • Most of the featured artists travel with their own guitar tech.
  • A professional sound system with guitar amp will be required.
  • Two stools or high bar chairs with a reachable table between the two with four bottles of water, caps loosened.
  • Seating area should be well lit for audience enjoyment.
  • A sound check is required prior to the performance.