You knocked it out of the park yesterday! What a great keynote.

– Shell Women in Finance Together


Find Your Inner Rock Star

Educate, motivate and rock your audience with The Rock Star Principles of Success. Improved customer service, sales growth, focused leadership, strong teamwork, innovating for the future – Dayna takes the audience on a rock journey from backstage to the top of the charts and how to apply these success lessons (and fun true stories) to your own individual or company success and industry trends. Video


The Rock Interview
Dayna has interviewed the world’s greatest rock stars for years. Now, she interviews your company leaders or top customers live on stage with this lively and informative presentation. Video


The Rock Talk
Learn from the rock stars who are still on stage, selling out and keeping the customers happy and the band together. Choose from Melissa Etheridge, Gary Pihl (Boston/Sammy Hagar), Earl Slick (David Bowie/John Lennon), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger), Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) or others on request, all based on availability. Video


Grab A Seat At The Table
Dayna takes her unique perspective working in the traditional all male rock world, creating a NASA e-commerce operation from the ground up. and running for Congress in Texas to help your team overcome fear and ask for more.


What’s a Rolodex?
Learning to leverage a lifetime of contacts for sales, customers, and more. How to mine a wealth of information you didn’t even know you have.